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Annual Accounts Submission

Year End Accounts, Statutory Accounts

We understand the importance of timely and accurate submission of annual accounts to the Companies House. As per the UK Companies Act 2006, it's compulsory for all registered companies and LLPs in the UK to complete their annual account submissions by the end of their company's fiscal year. You submit your annual accounts to the Companies House whereas your tax returns to the HMRC. Whether you're Micro entity, Small and medium business managing your annual accounts and ensuring compliance with Companies House regulations is essential. Our team of seasoned & dedicated accountants stands ready to guide you seamlessly through this process.

Our Services:

Annual Accounts Preparation:
We offer comprehensive services for the preparation of your company's annual accounts. Our experienced accountants will ensure that your financial statements are accurate, compliant with accounting standards, and tailored to your specific business needs.

Companies House Submission:
Filing your annual accounts with Companies House is a legal requirement. Our experts will take care of the entire submission process, ensuring your documents are submitted on time and without errors, helping you avoid penalties and fines

Statutory Compliance:
Staying in compliance with UK regulations is crucial. Our team is well-versed in the latest legal requirements, making sure your company adheres to all statutory obligations, including the Annual Confirmation Statement (previously known as the Annual Return).

Tax Planning and Optimization:
Efficient tax planning can save your business money. We'll work with you to develop strategies that minimize your tax liability, helping your company retain more of its hard-earned profits.

Why you need us?

Creating a company's annual statement can prove to be a complex and time-consuming undertaking. These reports are exclusively handled by accredited accountants and involve the submission of various documents, including:

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  • The company's 'balance sheet,' which details the value of all assets and liabilities on the final day of the financial year.
  • A 'profit and loss account' statement, outlining the company's sales, expenses, and profit or loss across the financial year.
  • Additional explanatory notes pertaining to the accounts.
  • A director's report.
  • Depending on your company's size, an auditor's report may also be a requisite.

When it comes to preparing statutory accounts in the UK, there are several options to consider. To derive maximum value from such a service, it's essential to engage a professional accountant with a When it comes to preparing statutory accounts in the UK, there are several options to consider. To derive maximum value from such a service, it's essential to engage a professional accountant with a proven track record. In the UK, accountants are mandated to possess a license granted by the Office of the Public Sector Standards (OPS).

At Divine Accountants, our team comprises certified accountants who are well-equipped to tackle the task of compiling your annual accounts statement. All you need to do is complete our online quotation request form, and we'll take it from there.

Key benefit of the Annual Accounts

One of the primary benefits of submitting annual accounts in the UK is that it contributes significantly to the financial stability of your company. When you're considering applying for a loan, the absence of an annual accounts statement can pose a significant obstacle. This challenge arises because financial institutions require historical financial information about the applicant or the company.

Applicant and is more likely to approve your loan application if you meet the other necessary criteria. After the submission of your annual statement, the bank scrutinizes the information provided by the If you seek detailed insights into a company's financial information, opting for annual accounts submission in the UK is the ideal choice. It provides a comprehensive overview of the company's financial activities and overall financial health. These financial activities can be verified by reviewing the documents submitted by the applicants. Furthermore, by submitting your annual accounts, you can substantiate your eligibility for accessing various financial benefits.

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