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Value Added Tax (VAT)

Value Added Tax (VAT) can be quite intricate for UK businesses. It's a tax applied to products and services when their value increases during production or at the point of sale. Divine Accountants, with their expertise and qualifications, handle VAT reporting and submissions, following the Making Tax Digital (MTD) guidelines. We offer a complete range of VAT services to address your needs for VAT filing, reporting, and advice, making it a convenient choice for efficient accounting with the latest software and well-trained tax professionals.

Services we offer:

  • VAT registration
  • VAT Advice
  • Preparation of your VAT Return and online filings with HMRC
  • VAT Compliance
  • Liaising with HMRC on your behalf
  • Dealing with VAT enquiries or investigations
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VAT Registration & Advice

Divine Accountants can assist in assessing whether your business needs to register for VAT. We're well aware of the complexities involved in the registration process, so we can handle the registration with HMRC on your behalf. We'll handle all the necessary checks and ensure a swift registration process. If you're considering voluntary registration, we can also evaluate whether it would be financially advantageous for your business in the long run and contribute to its growth.

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We'll handle your VAT registration and review process, addressing all your concerns and conducting essential checks. Divine Accountants will also evaluate if a specific VAT scheme is suitable for your situation. Being VAT registered through us signifies trust between clients and vendors, enhancing credibility. This registration can also help businesses save on overhead costs by reclaiming paid VAT, which can then be reinvested into other operations.

How does VAT work?

VAT reporting is required on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis by your firm. The return summarizes the VAT received on sales and the VAT spent on purchases during that time period. You pay HMRC the difference if the collected amount is greater than the VAT spent. HMRC will reimburse any difference if the VAT incurred was greater

VAT Compliance

Divine Accountants offers VAT health check services for your business, designed to identify potential issues before they come to the attention of tax authorities. We've streamlined the process for your convenience.

Divine Accountants assists you in avoiding penalties due to inaccuracies. This service offers you the opportunity to assess risks by reviewing your current processes and practices. Undertaking a Health Check service demonstrates to HMRC that you are diligent in your approach to VAT. Divine Accountants provides guidance throughout to ensure all necessary steps are properly executed.

How To Get Help for VAT Returns

Obtaining assistance from Divine Accountants for your VAT returns is made easy through their user-friendly online quotation form. This digital tool streamlines the process and offers a prompt, personalized response. Visit their website, fill out the form with basic business details, and the information helps Divine Accountants tailor their services to your specific needs while maintaining the utmost confidentiality. After submitting the form, their team of experts creates a personalized quotation that outlines services, timelines, and costs.

Why Choose Us?

Divine Accountants possess extensive expertise in UK VAT and the tax system. Our team is well-qualified and experienced, collaborating with globally recognized software providers.

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